2021 Saxonburg Carnival -- August 18-21
Saxonburg Volunteer Fire Company is committed to serving the residents and businesses in south-eastern Butler County. Saxonburg VFC does NOT receive ANY tax support and therefore must spend hundreds of hours in fundraising efforts to cover the operational costs necessary to serve this community. This is in addition to the hundreds of hours spent training for and responding to emergencies. We truly appreciate the support we receive for these efforts.

One of Saxonburg VFC's major fundraising efforts is the annual Firemen’s Carnival. This event has been a tradition in Saxonburg and very popular event in past years. In recent years, Fireman's Carnival has been less effective as a major fundraiser.
In 2020, due to COVID 19 restrictions, we were forced to cancel the 2020 Saxonburg Firemen’s Carnival. Unfortunately, in 2021 with many restrictions still in place and unclear future of public events, Saxonburg VFC was unable to find one of its traditional carnival ride vendor with open dates that coincide with Saxonburg VFCs available schedule. Without a ride vendor for 2021 and with diminishing profitability of recent Carnivals, we made a decision in December 2020 to cancel Carnival 2021 in its traditional format. This is the timeframe when Carnival planning typically begins.

This year’s Carnival event will be a bit different from Carnivals of the past. Although we cannot have the parades and water battle, we are happy to provide a community event for friends and families to gather for great food, good games and great rides. Thank you for your continued support and we hope you’ll come to the event and enjoy the program that is planned.
Why did this year's Carnival format change? No one needs reminded about how unpredictable the last 18 months has been. Saxonburg could not secure a contract with a ride vendor early in 2021. At that time, we thought that was the best decision. Normally, planning and contracts for the annual Carnival occur in Fall of the previous year. At that time, we could not be sure that Carnival was possible with restrictions and guidelines for large-scale gatherings.
What are the Carnival hours? Saxonburg Carnival is open from 6pm until close (usually around 11pm) each night. The Kiddee Matinee will begin at 4pm on Saturday.
What is this year’s Carnival format? This year’s Carnival be a little smaller than in the past. There will be 10-12 rides for both big kids and little ones, 10-12 carnival food vendors, and various carnival games. These will all be on the Firemen’s Grounds. The event will be free to get due to the great response in gate sponsors! The ride tickets will be between $15 and $20 for all day rides and individual ride tickets will be available for those who only want to ride one or two rides.
Are the Carnival dates different? We are having the event in August because that was the date we could arrange with Penn Premier Shows, this year's Carnival Ride Vendor. The Carnival open on Wednesday, August 18 and runs through Saturday, August 21.
Why is the Carnival in August rather than in July? Once the decision was made to move forward with Carnival, the search for a ride operator had to occur. Penn Premiere Shows was the only ride company who could meet our schedule before the start of the school year. The only acceptable date for both parties was in mid-August.
Why won’t there be parades and activities on Main Street? The answer is twofold… Because of the timing of contracts and changes since 2019, 1) there was not time to properly schedule the parades AND 2) there were scheduling conflicts with other events around Saxonburg’s Main Street that prevented Saxonburg VFC from hosting the parades and water battle this year.
Are there Gate fees? Because we had such a fantastict response from area companies to sponsor the Carnival Gate EVERY night, there is no charge for entry to the Carnival Grounds, we will NOT have the $2 gate fee in 2021—it will be free to get in!

Our many thanks to those businesses who came forward to help sponsor the 2021 Saxonburg Carnival and we hope you will support them as well! Saxonburg VFC will be selling the presale ride tickets for those who wish to purchase tickets early. Prices and dates of availability will be shared as soon as we have information available.

This year's Carnival Gate Sponsors include:
  • Sprankle's Neighborhood Market
  • Countryside Distributor
  • Orchards of Saxonburg
  • Associated Ceramics
  • DuCo Ceramics
  • Jack's Ford
  • Penn United Technologies
  • Novotny's Pizza
  • Wayne W. Sell Inc.
  • Spreng Machine Company
  • Cooper Signs
  • Zacherl's Tavern
  • Are there pre-sale ride tickets this year?

    Presale Tickets are available NOW through the Saxonburg VFC Office between now and Carnival Week.

    What rides, games, or food stands are open during the matinee? All rides, games, and food stands are open during the Kiddee Matinees.
    Where can I buy ride tickets? The rides are provided by Penn Premier Shows and are available at marked ticket booths on the Carnival Grounds.
    How much are ride tickets? Ride tickets are Ride-All-Day tickets and are $15-18 per rider. Discount ride coupons are available from Saxonburg VFC Office prior to Carnival Week.
    What kind or rides are available at the Carnival? There are approximately 12 rides available at Saxonburg Fireman's Carnival. The rides range from traditional merri-go-rounds, swings, to a wide variety of rides for all kids young and old. The rides are all open during any of the Carnival hours.