Unit Sequence
Unit Name
Unit Type
Line-Up Location
1YesPennsylvania State PoliceSPE-CARRebecca St.
2YesSaxonburg Police DepartmentSPE-CARRebecca St.
3YesKnoch High School Marching BandMAR-BANDRoebling Park
4YesKnoch High School Varsity & JV CheerleadersMAR-BANDRoebling Park
5YesKnoch FootballFLO-FLON. Isabella St.
6YesSaxonburg Spartans CheerleadingMAR-OTHRoebling Park
7YesSaxonburg VFC - FireSPE-SPERebecca St.
8YesSaxonburg Sportsman's Raffle TrailerSPE-FLORebecca St.
9YesKeri FergusonFLO-FLON. Isabella St.
10YesThrower CementSPE-SPEN. Isabella St.
11YesSaxonburg VFC - AmbulanceSPE-SPERebecca St.
12YesSaxonburg VFW #7376SPE-SPEN. Isabella St.
13YesAHN Prehospital ServicesAPP-EMSRebecca St.
14YesMiss Saxonburg CarSPE-SPERebecca St
14Yes2017 Pet Parade WinnerSPE-SPEN. Isabella St.
15YesMiss Saxonburg Pageant ContestantsFloat-SPEN. Isabella St.
16YesBuffalo Township VFC-FIREN. Isabella St.
17YesMiss Buffalo VFCSPE-CARN. Isabella St.
18YesMarlene KelleySPE-CARRebecca St.
19Yes1964 Raffle WinnerSPE-CARN. Isabella St.
19Yes2016 Raffle WinnerSPE-CARN. Isabella St.
20YesSarver VFC-FIREN. Isabella St.
21YesStars Drill TeamMAR-DRLRoebling Park
22YesPenn Twp VFDAPP-FIREN. Isabella St.
23YesY-108SPE-CARRoebling Park
24YesArmstrong Lodge #239MAR-OTHN. Isabella St.
25YesWinfield VFDAPP-FIREN. Isabella St.
26YesButler YMCA DiamondsMAR-DRLRoebling Park
27YesMiddlesex VFCAPP-FIREN. Isabella St.
28YesMercer Road VFC/Saeler-Solkovy Mem RideSPE-OTHN. Isabella St.
29YesStarz AkadamieMAR-TWRRoebling Park
30YesButler Ambulance Service-N. Isabella St.
31YesSyria Shriners ChantersFLO-OTHN. Isabella St.
32YesWorld War II - Normandy UnitMAR-OTHN. Isabella St
33YesButler County HAZMAT TeamAPP-FIREN. Isabella St.
34YesSensations Marching UnitMAR-BATRoebling Park
35YesMarkle Fire DepartmentAPP-FIREE. Water St
36YesAllegheny Township Fire Department-FIREE. Water St.
37YesTurner Dairy FarmsOTH-OTHN. Isabella St.
38YesRichland VFC-FIREE. Water St.
39YesAmerican Red CrossAPP-RESQN. Isabella St.
40YesSouth Buffalo Twp. VFD.APP-FIREE. Water St.
42YesSummit HoseAPP-FIREE. Water St.
43YesJohn OscheOTH-SPEN. Isabella St.
44YesPioneer Hose VFCAPP-FIREE. Water St.
45YesHis Kids SchoolOTH-OTHN. Isabella St.
46YesAdams Area Fire DistrictAPP-FIREE. Water St.
47YesMiss Butler Fair QueenSPE-CARRebecca St.
48YesWashington Township VFC-FIREE. Water St.
49YesWest Deer, #2, Stn 289-FIREE. Water St.
50YesButler County Dairy PromotionOTH-CARN. Isabella St.
51YesCitizens Hose VFC APP-FIREE. Water St.
52YesDr. Barb KarnerSPE-SPEN. Isabella St.
53YesWest Deer VFC # 3APP-FIREE. Water St.
54YesThoma Meat MarketOTH-SPEN. Isabella St.
55YesAllegheny County Silver TeamAPP-SPEE. Water St.
56YesMiss Butler County / AmericaOTH-OTHRebecca St.
57YesLick Hill VFCAPP-FIREE. Water St.
58YesMen With a VisionMAR-SPERoebling Park
59YesFord City Fire Department-FIREE. Water St
60YesSaxonburg AgwayOTH-CARN. Isabella St.
61YesEast Butler VFC-E. Water St.
62YesPurvis Bros.SPE-SPEN. Isabella St.
63YesDorseyville VFCAPP-FIREE. Water St.
64YesMarburger Farm DairyOTH-OTHN. Isabella St.
65YesHarrison Hills VFCAPP-FIREE. Water St.
66YesThoma Meat MarketFLO-FLON. Isabella St.
67YesLaurel Gardens VFCAPP-FIREE. Water St.
68YesTop Hats Baton and DrumMAR-BATRoebling Park
69YesHoliday Park VFDAPP-FIREE. Water St.
70Yes2016 Young Miss Butler County USASPE-CARN. Isabella St.
71YesFreeport VFD/ EMSAPP-FIREE. Water St.
72YesMiss Teen pennsylvania United StatesSPE-CARN. Isabella St.
73YesWexford Volunteer Fire CompanyAPP-FIREE. Water St.
74YesYoung AmericansMAR-DRLRoebling Park
75YesHarmony Fire DistrictAPP-FIREE. Water St.
76YesJ&J Auto DetailingSPE-CARN. Isabella St.
77YesArnold VFC Firemans BandMAR-BANDRoebling Park
78YesArnold VFC-FIREE. Water St.
TBDYes2017 N. Washington Rodeo QueenSPE-SPEE. Water St.
TBDYesNorth Apollo VFC-FIREE. Water St.
TBDYesFairview VFC-FIREE. Water St.
End of Parade List