Unit Sequence
Seq RSVP Unit Name Unit Type Line-Up Location Comments / Notes
1 Yes Saxonburg Police Department SPE-CAR Rebecca St.
2 Yes Butler County Sheriff SPE-CAR Rebecca St. Thank you once again for the invitation!!
3 Yes Saxonburg Spartans Cheerleading MAR-OTH Roebling Park
4 Yes Saxonburg VFC - Fire SPE-SPE Rebecca St.
5 Yes Saxonburg VFC - Ambulance SPE-SPE Rebecca St.
6 Yes Butler County Bureau of Tourism FLO-CAR N. Isabella St. (TTL) Our Promo Jeep will be our "float". Thank you very much!
7 Yes Thrower Cement SPE-SPE Rebecca St. Cement Mixer, 3 trucks
8 Yes Penn Township VFD APP-FIRE Thelma Dr. 2 units
9 Yes Buffalo Township VFC APP-FIRE Thelma Dr. Engine, Tanker, Brush, Squad Tailer, UTV
10 Yes Saver VFC APP-FIRE Thelma Dr.
11 Yes Middlesex VFC APP-FIRE Thelma Dr. Ladder, Tanker,Rescue, Chiefs Vehicle
12 Yes Sensations Marching Unit MAR-BAT Roebling Park we will have two support vehicles with us...one in front of the unit and one in the rear to support our music and equipment. Thank you!
13 Yes West Deer VFD # 1 APP-FIRE N. Isabella St.
14 Yes Butler Ambulance Service APP-EMS N. Isabella St.
15 Yes Butler Township Fire District APP-FIRE N. Isabella St. Ladder3 and Tanker3 will be attending the parade
16 Yes Little Miss Butler County SPE-CAR N. Isabella St. (TTL) Convertible
17 Yes East Butler VFC APP-FIRE E. Water St.
18 Yes East Butler VFC Ambulance APP-EMS E. Water St. 44-1
19 Yes Herman VFC APP-FIRE Thelma Dr.
20 Yes Saxonburg Area Rotary SPE-OTH N. Isabella St. (TTL) Trolley
21 Yes Saxonburg Feed Company FLO-FLO N. Isabella St. (TTL) Registered online also on 4/18/2023, not certain if the form was submitted already.
22 Yes BHHS - Hutterer & Stahl Team OTH-OTH N. Isabella St. (TTL)
23 Yes Pioneer Hose Co APP-FIRE E. Water St. 2023 rescue truck. 2005 rehab possibly
24 Yes Harrison Hills VFC APP-FIRE E. Water St. We will be bringing our Engine and our Rescue.
25 Yes Little Miss Military Star SPE-CAR Roebling Park Pickup Truck
26 Yes Citizens Hose Fire Company APP-FIRE E. Water St. Rescue-Engine 167 and SQ-167
27 Yes Citizens Hose EMS APP-RESQ E. Water St. We will be bringing 167 Rescue Engine, SQ-167 and one of our 110 Units.
28 Yes Thoma Meat Market OTH-SPE N. Isabella St. (TTL) 2 trucks
29 Yes Pork U BBQ and Catering SPE-OTH N. Isabella St. (TTL) 2 trucks with trailers
30 Yes Markle Fire Department APP-FIRE E. Water St.
31 Yes Manor Township VFC APP-FIRE E. Water St. Engine, Quint and Squad
32 Yes Butler County Dairy Promotion OTH-CAR N. Isabella St. (TTL) Please put in line up as early as possible as the girls have a 4-H meeting they have to attend the same evening. Thank you! Please read the following at the parade announcement stand. The Butler County Dairy Promotion Team would like to introduce you to the 2018-2019 Butler County Dairy Promotion Court. Butler County Dairy Maids – Faith Goldscheitter, Hope Goldscheitter and Ashlinn Henson; Dairy Miss – Morgan Teets; Lil’ Dairy Miss – Kirra Cress. Also joining the Dairy Promotion Team is Maggie Rasp – Butler County Miss United States Agriculture. These young ladies represent the dedicated dairy farmers who work so hard 365 days a year to provide you with one of nature’s most perfect beverages- MILK! The girls would like to invite you to help them celebrate such a wonderful industry and July is National Ice Cream month by consuming a bowl of your favorite flavor of ice cream or yogurt!
33 Yes Butler Fair-Queen & Court SPE-CAR N. Isabella St. (TTL)
34 Yes 2023 Little Miss Tots Glitter FLO-CAR Roebling Park Pickup with winner
35 Yes Lick Hill VFD APP-FIRE E. Water St. ENGINE & TANKER
36 Yes Sportsman's Supply Company OTH-CAR N. Isabella St. Truck/Sprint Car
37 Yes Quality EMS APP-EMS E. Water St.
38 Yes County Line Supply Yard OTH-CAR Rebecca St. Four trucks- semi, 1 ton Dump, 2 triaxles
39 Yes Freeport VFD / EMS APP-FIRE E. Water St. will be bringing a fire truck and ambulance
40 Yes Top Pet Winner (overall in Pet Parade) FLO-FLO N. Isabella St.
41 Yes 2023 Petite Miss Glitter FLO-CAR Roebling Park Nahla Lindsey Age 6-7. Ford Bronco
42 Yes Fawn Township VFC # 2 APP-FIRE N. Isabella St. Thank you for inviting our Company.
43 Yes Cabot Cruisers OTH-CAR TTL Parking Lot ten cars
44 Yes W PA Model-T Ford Club OTH-OTH TTL Parking Lot
45 Yes Sprankle's Neighborhood Market OTH-CAR N. Isabella St. (TTL) Van
46 Yes Pulling Tractor OTH-CAR TTL Parking Lot Tractor Pull with sled
47 Yes i.e. Insurance FLO-OTH E. Water St. We're going to build a fire themed float! So excited to be invited!
48 Yes Woodmen Life FLO-OTH E. Water St. Our float will be built using a truck and trailer.
49 Yes Richland VFC APP-FIRE E. Water St.
50 Yes Three-Rivers Hillbilly, Clan #53 SPE-OTH E. Water St.
52 Yes Hunter Truck Sales OTH-CAR E. Water St. Semi Truck
53 Yes Frazer VFD 2 APP-FIRE E. Water St. We will be bring our tower and engine
54 Yes Sarver True Value FLO-SPE E. Water St. Rental Truck - Hauler
55 Yes Vandergrift VFC, #2 APP-FIRE E. Water St.
56 Yes American Red Cross APP-OTH E. Water St. Emergency Response Vehicle and a Red Cross covered Pickup, as well as walkers with out banner.
57 Yes Monarch Hospice SPE-OTH TTL Parking Lot Golfcart and trailer
58 Yes Onieda Valley VFC APP-FIRE E. Water St. change contact to Gary Wulff. Possibly bringing 4 apparatus
59 Yes Summit Twp DQ Grill & Chill FLO-OTH E. Water St. Hi! We would like to participate in the parade this year!
60 Yes Ford City Fire Department APP-FIRE E. Water St. Engine 2
61 Yes Hilltop Hose APP-FIRE E. Water St. Station: 724-224-9968
62 Yes Team Fishguy Transplant Foundation FLO-FLO E. Water St. WOO HOO! WELCOME BACK
63 Yes West Deer, #2, Sta 289 APP-FIRE E. Water St.
64 Yes Lower Kiski Emergency Services APP-EMS E. Water St. Ambulace
65 Yes Fawn Township VFC # 1 Station 150 APP-FIRE E. Water St. Engine, Brush
66 Yes Fairview VFC APP-FIRE E. Water St. Engine
67 Yes Cypher's Farm Market FLO-FLO E. Water St.
68 Yes Highland Hose APP-FIRE E. Water St. 58-280
69 Yes Quaill Volunteer Fire Department APP-FIRE E. Water St.
70 Yes Armstrong Farms OTH-CAR E. Water St.
71 Yes Lernerville Speedway SPE-CAR S. Isabella St.
End of Parade List